when i’m alone i want you to be with me
and when i’m with you i want you to leave
- H.H

Where does it come from? One day you’re not even looking for it, and the next day it’s there and you lost yourself hopelessly in it. You can’t get out, it’s like a vicious circle. Your mind keeps replaying thoughts and memories you never said, or were too stupid to say. Where does it come from? That odd feeling like your chest is about to explode. Seeing blue dots everywhere, not thinking straight. Where does it come from?
They might say it’s chemistry, but why is there any chemistry when one does not react to the other? When your drowning and the other one won’t even think about saving you? I’d do anything for him, and he knows that. But he doesn’t seem to understand, I would jump in front of a train if that meant I could save him. But here I am, writing something stupid that he’ll never read anyway.
- e.h

i have aches everywhere






happy post haha :)

i constantly check my phone
for any messages from you
but why am i acting silly
when i know you’re not texting
cause i fucked around
i screwed up
cause i thought that’d be fair
because you broke my heart
but the anger i saw
the fire spitting out of your eyes
was real
i got scared for a second
and now i regret everything
when its too late